Top 5 Cultural Experiences in Plovdiv

The city of Plovdiv is one of the most remarkable in whole south-eastern Europe. The vast range of historic places, rich and colorful cultural patrimony, stretching from the prehistory to the 21st century, creates something in the city’s ambient that could be feel only if one takes a tour in Plovdiv. So, here are the top 5 different places, loaded with culture, you can see and visit in the town.

It is obligatory to start with the Ancient Roman Theatre in Plovdiv. It’s location in the city’s center gives the tourist a chance to visit it as a part of his everyday walk in the town. Although the theater is still in use, it can be visited simply to be seen as a landmark, but the real experience is to come to Plovdiv when there is a concert in this ancient miracle. In Plovdiv’s ancient theatre have played many world musicians who have left a piece of themselves on this stage and often after the concert they say they have no words to describe the feeling. Imagine then what the audience experienced.

If you are not so into the music, but love the authentic culture and architecture, then your destination is the Old Town of Plovdiv. Unavoidable as part of a tour in Plovdiv because there one can see the most remarkable achievements of the Bulgarian Revival – so close to us as a period of time, but so far away as feeling and mentality. The Old town is so loaded and filled with emotions, art, and lifestyle so it is something not to be missed.

For the museum and gallery lovers, Plovdiv can offer a lot in that cultural direction. There are so many. There are so many state and private institutions where you can get acquainted with cultural archeological heritage, ethnography, ancient arts, and modern art, contemporary art. A food for the eyes and for the soul!

Part of your cultural walk in Plovdiv could be just one street but so special in its content – Street of Folk Arts and Handcrafts. This is an opportunity for anyone who wants to buy a memoir of a past like humanity, but so close to us. There you can buy a variety of handicraft household products that were once part of everyday life and today may be just an expensive memory of a trip to an unforgettable place. This is your choice!

As number five in our virtual tour, which serves as an invitation, we think it is worthy of the proposal to visit Nebet Tepe. It is a combination of nature, culture, archeology, panorama, and a lot more. Few are the ancient sites of the world that are part of the contemporary urban landscape, but in Plovdiv they are even more than one. This makes the city one of the most desirable destinations for holiday, cultural experience, and art emotion – another memory for one’s soul.

These are just 5 places but the things you will see and experience will multiply their impact by 500! So, tour Plovdiv, it is the best advice!