How to choose a motorhome?

The frequency of use

If there are 2 or 3 weeks a year, there is no doubt it would be better direct you to the. Check this: car hire Sofia

The intended use is climate, road conditions, length of the trip, mileage. The number of people to carry: the capacity of the campers is variable.

The interior/your expectations of comfort

As with automobiles, campers are segmented range. For the same model, manufacturers can market several finishes. OEMs or props offer a multitude of options. 

Ride comfort/performance

The performance, versatility conduct (dimensions), consumption, engine power, the mark of “tractor” reliability are criteria to be taken into account.

The budget

Entry level

Campers “first prizes” new accessible from 35 000 euros. For this level of range, these recreational vehicles have all the necessary equipment to travel.
The difference will focus on engine power, the quality of materials, and layout, the ingenuity of storage, modularity.

Average range

Beyond €40,000, the campers are in the average range. You will find excellent bills but accessories vehicles, equipment, details, finishes to make all the difference.

Top of the line

From 65 000, motorhomes are high or luxurious range. Prices have limits that the ingenuity of manufacturers and OEMs.
Some models exceed 100 series. For special designs, rolling palaces reach over 200 000 euros or even a million!

The awards criteria abound: motorization, capacity and sleeping comfort, layout and equipment of the bathroom, the kitchen equipment, general exterior design as interior, interior lighting, general comfort.